OpenLIVE Provides Artists with Simple,
Instant, Mixed & Mastered Live Recordings.

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Live Performance to Live Recordings in 4 Simple Steps



Create your artist profile in less than 30 seconds

Once created you have access to the artist dashboard where a world of new opportunities for your live performances exist.



Book your live recording

Once you've booked it and OpenLIVE approves, the venue's MasterBuilder device receives the booking through the cloud. So all that is left is for you to play your gig!



Play your gig!

No additional set-up or pack-down. Just play well and make sure it is mixed well. OpenLIVE's cloud infrastructure will do the rest!



Manage your recordings

Whether preparing them for release, editing them for archiving or sharing tracks, anything you want to do with your recordings is done in the secure artist dashboard.

Record your rehearsal or live gig. No upfront cost

OpenLIVE is installed in rehearsal studios and live music venues across the globe. It's free to record, you only pay if you like what you hear. Listen to 30 second previews and if you like the mix, purchase from one of the available packages.


Share private links to family, friends, band members or your manager.


Remix your recording with GingerbeadMaster - OpenLIVE's online mixing console and make the mix your own!


Submit your recording to OpenLIVE DISCOVERED for potential radio play on one of our partner community radio stations.

What People Say

It's Easy! But don't just take our word for it…

OpenLIVE is the complete package...the ease of setting up, the immediate delivery of the live recordings sounding amazing, the ease of editing tracks and exporting them, it's all happening.

thumb Robin Payne
Manager, 2PM Management

I love using OpenLIVE to record my live shows, it helps me review my shows, & gives me some extra material I can use for social media.

thumb Abbey Stone
Singer, Songwriter

Ticket & merch sales were good but with OpenLIVE we sold a bunch of copies of the gig to fans that wanted to be there but couldn't.

thumb Tom Hartney
Major, Major Tom & the Atoms

What are the costs

At OpenLIVE we want to help more artists capture their live performances in the hope that they'll be able to engage more fans with their live recordings. We've established pricing that we believe is super affordable for everyone.

Recording your gig is free. Costs are only incurred after that, and only if you choose one of the packages below.


  • Schedule recordings for free
  • Playback 30 second previews of each 'auto chopped' track

ACCESS Pack: $20

  • Listen to full recording
  • Test GingerbreadMaster Mixing Console

REMIX Pack: $40

  • Access pack features plus:
  • Full access to GingerbeadMaster Mixing Console to remix your recording

MP3 Pack: $50

  • Remix pack features plus:
  • Download 128kbps MP3 file of your recording
  • Share private links of tracks

HI-RES Pack: $80

  • Mp3 pack features plus:
  • Download 16-bit/48kHz FLAC file of your recording
  • Submit tracks to OpenLIVE DISCOVERED

MASTER Pack: $120

  • Hi-Res pack features plus:
  • Download the original 4-channel stems to edit yourself in software like Pro Tools

Special Offer Pack: $100

From 1st-31st August purchase the Special Offer Pack to unlock every OpenLIVE recording you've made in the past.

Download the MP3, FLAC or the 4ch Stems. Remix using GingerbreadMaster or submit to OpenLIVE DISCOVERED.

Purchase the Special Offer Pack and any recording you do between now and 31st of August will also be included in the purchase.

Recording Costs - Rehearsal Studios

MP3 Pack: $4/ph

$4 per hour (or part thereof) / 128kbps MP3 downloads

HI-RES Pack: $6/ph

$6 per hour (or part thereof) / 16-bit/48kHz FLAC downloads

MASTER Pack $8/ph

$8 per hour (or part thereof) / Original 4-ch stems

Listen To Some Of Our Recordings

Turn on your speakers, plug in your headphones and get a feel for what OpenLIVE can deliver...

Dan Sultan Live
at National Theatre, St Kilda

Electric Mary Live
at Corner Hotel, Richmond

Mondegreen Live
at Evelyn, Fitzroy

Sign up now to access OpenLIVE's simple live music management tool.

No interference with your FOH and no extra work required. High quality recording ready for the digital world. Schedule your live recording in just a few clicks. Archive, share or release - it's up to you.


Discovering Australia's next great live act.

The latest platform for artists to reach the industry, and the industry to reach artists

OpenLIVE DISCOVERED is a new platform for artists to submit their latest Live Recordings to Community Radio for potential airplay, directly through their private OpenLIVE Dashboard.

For Artists

  • Record with OpenLIVE
  • Submit a track or tracks that you like to DISCOVERED when you purchase the Hi-Res Pack
  • Potential radio play for your live gig just by ticking a box!
  • A totally new way to get heard by the industry!

For Live Music Venues

  • A great way for people to hear gigs played at your venue
  • New exposure for your venue with no work or no additional cost to you
  • Be a critical part of helping DISCOVER the next great live act!

For Community Radio

  • Access new live music that you have never previously had access to!
  • Play the latest live music (play tracks from a gig the night before!)
  • Be the first to play live music from Australia’s next great live band!
  • Give audiences access to music they have never had access to in the past!

How do I sign up?

When you record your next set with OpenLIVE and purchase the Hi-Res Pack, you can choose to submit any track to OpenLIVE Discovered.

That's it?

Yep. Record, choose your track(s) and submit to Discovered!

So who can hear my music?

Our partners are below. But we’ll be adding more soon to give you more chances of getting heard!

Our partners include:


Sign up now to access OpenLIVE's simple live music management tool.

No interference with your FOH and no extra work required. High quality recording ready for the digital world. Schedule your live recording in just a few clicks. Archive, share or release - it's up to you.